marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

coming together

Some ideas are coming together with great interlocking details on the twisted fairy tale story.

Some -- are not. 

Looks like some fairy tales will be episodes, and some will be the main plot.  There's not much in-between.  

And when marshaling the happy endings -- well, some are marrying, or having reunions, much older in life than usual; some are after spending more than the usual amount of time enchanted or dead (since while they are not quite so bad as superheroes at returning from the dead, they're pretty close); and some are finding second loves among the similarly bereaved, or among the younger generation if only one of them was revived from the dead or enchanted.

I think I'm going to to kill a few more heroes to even things out.

And I've got two candidates for the heroine's hand, which is going to stay firmly out of the book.  The other one is just going to find someone else in story.
Tags: genre: fractured fairy tale, outlining, plotting

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