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Plugging along, fitting together stories, contemplating the episodic nature of fix after fix, noting that tales with even mild scoundrels are out (villain triumphant loses punch if  there's more than a smack of villain about the hero(ine)) -- when it hits me.

It's hard to fit together because I've not got the point at which the villains hit back.  I've got the final confrontation and how they defeat them, in grand fairy tale style, but they can't go from triumph to triumph until the end.

So, yes, get through the opening fixes -- I think I need her to meet the love interest, and that means I need her to get through the inn scenes -- but after that, the villains have to start complicating life.  Unfixing what they fixed.  Making things worse.

Mind you, since one villainess is going to realize that something's up the day she runs away -- part because that's the opening movement of a story, part because of what she takes with her -- it's a good thing that the thing the heroine took is what she would use to track her down in the ordinary course of things.  That's what it will take to delay her and the other villains.  

Huh.  Perhaps she tries to cover it up.  They are, after all, villains.  Full of themselves.  It would be natural.

But the villains fight back.  Perhaps some characters will become animals.  Hmm.  Certainly we need a scene where every water source threatens to transform you.  But more is needed.

Meanwhile I have to figure out how many women Mother Gothel put in the tower, having first enticed them with her garden.  (Not during the complications, since she's dead by then.  Which I suppose will make them really mad and reveal our heroes in action.)
Tags: always evil, death, fairy tales (retelling), genre: fractured fairy tale, heroes and villains, plotting

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