marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

bears and lions and point of view

Ah, the wonders of the first pass through the plot. I thought I had realized that two characters -- one the son of another, and one turned into a bear -- were one and the same. Except that the bear character popped up again and explained that in fact, it's a coincidence that the first character also was turned into a bear. . . .

I may turn him into a lion for that. Otherwise, I might have characters crack jokes about how they both get turned into bears, rather than wolves or lions or deer or -- and one character's not going to find it funny after the real threat she faced, of being turned into an animal.

And I know the low point is going to involve a king throwing three characters in prison, so I have to sort out the events before and after that.

And a character is being colorless. He needs his own heroic action. I think it may mean splitting up the party. Not quite the horror that that is in RPG, but it does mean POV issues.
Tags: dialog, plot devices, point of view, story structure

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