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Recursion by Marion G. Harmon

The seventh book in the Wearing the Cape series. I REALLY recommend the other books first, and there will be spoilers ahead.

It opens with Astra get recertified for duty after the Whittier Base Attack. And a meeting where the new members get introduced. It's nice to actually see it rather than have it happen between books -- even though Kitsune shows up as a member, and then.

Superhero life continues with crime scenes and hostage situations until finally our good friend AI Shell confronts Astra with all the evidence that things are off. (She hasn't twigged to Kitsune, but she knows Astra is.)

And it involves Astra's efforts to cut off someone from joining the Ascendancy, a curiously placed bomb, a complex operation to get someone out of the hospital, improving here and there on the past, and more
Tags: fiction reviews: superheroes

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