marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

wrestling with revelations

She saw a murder.

I'm sure of that.  I'm pretty sure that she saw some significant wolves, too.  But -- I'm not sure whether it should be backstory or the opening incident.

Opening incident has its potential for dramatic irony, since she won't be talking about it for years, but I don't think it works.  For one thing, the drama level would take a rapid plunge.  So I'm leaning against it.

But if I start with her, close-mouthed, being found after, I have to figure out how to reveal.  When, exactly to reveal it.  To remember that the readers don't know about it already so anything that I put in that depends on it has to be satisfactory with it -- either intriguingly mysterious or hiding its significance.  To plant enough clues that people don't dismiss it as deus ex machina  To plant enough red herrings so it surprises them.  To intrigue enough that readers will read along to the revelations. . . .

Tags: backstory, beginnings, irony, plotting

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