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The Illustrated London News 1914-1916

The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton Volume 30: The Illustrated London News 1914-1916 by G.K. Chesterton

This opens much like the prior ones. Essays about the usefulness of books for education, because unlike an excellent schoolmaster, a book can be reproduced, and talk from history, about a pope, and some other topics.

Then, of course, WWI. The transition to war is interesting because, of course, he didn't have to explain the current events. (You get that sort of jar in all sorts of collections of incidental writings, from complete ignorance to assuming knowledge; it's interesting.) And thereafter war is the topic of the essays. The effect of regulations on alcohol on soldiers (he tried to help them evade one by ordering the drinks they had tried to); conscription; a claimed massacre of Romanian soldiers by Germans -- claimed by the Germans who didn't' want to admit that most got away instead of being captured (though their captures of guns indicated they were lying); German atrocities, on which he certainly gives the British mood; insisting that Germany can not be permitted to keep what it conquered to make peace, and more.
Tags: g. k. chesterton, non-fiction: essays, primary source review

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