marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

outlining in the Valley of Mists

I have heard people think that outliners are necessarily orderly and logically developing their stories.

Ah, wandering about Pratchett's Valley of Mists with the spray can in hand, ready to blaze the trees for the path. . . if I could only figure out where the path should go. . . 

Well, at least the swan had  the decency to explain what it's doing there.  It involves a forest, but I can work with that.

On the other hand, a guy showed up, spread out his mat, and sat down as a story teller.  And he's going to be significant in a way that involves neither his becoming king nor his marrying anyone. . . and is probably going to lead to his being cut off from something he thought was his inheritance.  (Not that it's more precise than that, yet.)
Tags: idea development, outlining

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