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Tomb Howl

Tomb Howl by Jonathan Moeller

Book 7 of Cloak Games.  Serious spoilers ahead.

Starting with the way it opens with her PTSD from the events of book 6.  She injures her brother Russell -- he's not killed by chance -- and flees.  Then she calls Riordan and breaks up with him.  After attempting to cope with drunkenness -- it doesn't work -- she is summoned by Lord Morviland, who deduces much of what happened.  But he still gives her a job:  to steal three things as the Forerunner asks.  Given the villiany of the Forerunner, she tries and fails to balk.  Especially since she knows the subordinate the Forerunner delegates choosing to.

It involves a doctor who had injured people while driving drunk, the former Secretary of Defense, the ability of the undead to utter cryptic riddles that might foretell the future, poison, pretending to be an Inquisition agent, and more
Tags: fiction reviews: alternate world fantasy, fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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