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Funny, having a celebration come up sets the level of the world much more strongly than anything else before.

Swords and armor and architecture do some -- the architecture not so much because the point of view character does not care -- but when the cooks carry in a subtlety, I'm announcing it's at least High Middle Ages, possibly Renaissance. Or rather, has some affinities for those eras. Calls for certain other technological aspects and some social arrangements (involving trade and prosperity, and so peace).

At least, for those who notice. It is only with hindsight that I shudder at a pseudo-Dark-Age work with a masquerade ball with all sorts of costumes. Like every single dancer was rich enough to wear an outfit once. Even in the nobility, your wedding gown would be your finery for the rest of your life; how much less for a single ball? The original masquerades were not only latter but called only for a mask.
Tags: world-building: festivities, world-building: food

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