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Knight In Medieval England 1000-1400

Knight In Medieval England 1000-1400 by Peter R. Coss

A survey across the centuries. Starting with the forgeries of the Paston family to claim long knightly descent, and point out the elements that would develop until then.

Beginning with the lowly starting status. A cniht was more a servant than a soldier in pre-Conquest England; the very word derives from "boy." And in Normandy, miles were attached to manors just as serfs were in deeds.

Discussion of the great or noble knights, versus the lowly and rustic ones. The use of knights in matters of law, such as it having to be four knights who checked whether someone was bedsick or housesick and then set the time when he did have to come to court. The evolution of heraldry. The decline of knighthood -- apparently from the cost -- in the 13th century. The attitudes toward knighthood as shown in literature. 
Tags: history reviews: medieval

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